Friday, March 21, 2014

Final shakedown for the USS Hector

In the closing days of March 1944, my dad, Frank Dolan, is a sailor aboard the repair ship, USS Hector, during a final period of shakedown operations for this newly commissioned ship. Hector is stationed for now at the Naval Operating Base on Terminal Island, California. Anti-aircraft and surface gunnery practices were fired. Commander W.W. Feineman conducted a military inspection of the ship and crew during the afternoon on March 27.

During the first couple of days in April, Hector will load supplies and make preparations for getting underway for Pearl Harbor on the 4th. As she nears her departure date, the ship will receive a coat of camouflage paint.

USS Hector, cir. 1945

Sources: USS Hector War Diary, March & April 1944; USS Hector AR7- Ship's Log (WWII); Frank L. Dolan Service Records

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hector begins final preparations for deployment

Over the previous weeks in 1944, my dad's new ship, USS Hector, has been undergoing final work before its deployment next month. On today's date in 1944, and for the next 12 days, the ship will be in Drydock No. 1 at the Naval Operating Base, Terminal Island, in Los Angeles. Today, builders and cleaners are beginning their work, which will include painting the ship's bottom.

Sources: USS Hector War Diary, March 1944; USS Hector AR-7 - Ship's Log (WWII)