Friday, February 10, 2012

Meeting Nimitz

As I remember...  Admiral Chester W. Nimitz came aboard our ship [to award the medals]. Some of us were below deck patching up damage when a fire broke out. Someone yelled, "Get an extinguisher!" So, I ran up the ladder to get the one that was on the topside deck. I bumped into an officer who said, "Where in the heck (maybe the other word) are you going in such a hurry, son?" I said, "To get an extinguisher to put out a fire, sir," and kept going. Later someone asked me if I knew who I had bumped into. My answer was, "No, I didn’t."  To my surprise, I was told it was Admiral Nimitz himself!

Frank L. Dolan's account

Admiral Nimitz assuming command of Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor
December 31, 1941
Source: WWII Database

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