Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's routine repairs

While the biggest and most critical jobs in January 1943 at Espiritu Santo were repairing battle damage to the Pensacola, MinneapolisAlchiba, and Achilles, Dad's ship, Vestal, still had numerous "routine not alongside repairs" to many other vessels. Maintaining the fighting and support vessels of the fleet was an ongoing, often round-the-clock work.

Throughout this month, various repair crews serviced an incredible number of vessels. The work was day in and day out, every day of the week. In relative order of routine work and service performed by the Vestal this month included Sumner, Sabine, Tangier, YMS-47, YMS-48, Honolulu, San Diego, Louisville, Saint Louis, Buchanan, Stack, Woodworth, YP-289, Enterprise, Columbia, Helena, Nashville, Patrol Squadron 72, Nassau, PC-477, Lang, Tryon, YAG-25, Columbia, Lamson, Drayton, Pyro, Crater, Vireo, Ellet, Anderson, Dehaven, Morris, YPU-76, Nicholas, Neosho, Platte, O'Bannon, YP-518, Solace, Rosewood, Whipstock, YAG-25, Russell, Meade, Thornton, Arided, YMS-46, YAG-27, Copahee, Lardner, Appleby, YMS-8, YP-517, and Sheldrake, in addition to work on the Shore Station and a Shore Station barge. Many of these ships are rarely mentioned in histories of the war in the Pacific, but all were vital to the success of the war effort.

Vestal's crew went to general quarters at least 4 times in January when enemy planes were spotted and some bombing occurred.  All in a month's work!

Source:  USS Vestal War Diary, January 1943

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