Thursday, February 28, 2013

February's routine repairs

In the month of February 1943, in addition to major emergency repairs to Alchiba and Minneapolis, Dad's ship, Vestal, working non-stop, tackled numerous "routine not alongside repairs" to various vessels of the fleet. In relative order of service and repair, these ships included: Neosho, Tangier, St. Louis, Nashville, Liggett, Shelldrake, Rosewood, Helena, Platte, Mackinac, Honolulu, Neosho, Tangier, Whipstock,  Platte, Curtiss, Drake, Wilson, Kohi, Pyro, Conflict, Hopkins, Pathfinder, subchasers 531, 668, and 640, Mackinac, Carina, YAG-27, Kapora, Navajo, YMS-47, San Diego, Mormactern, Enterprise, Helena, Crater, Brastagi, Taurus, Ballard, Pickney, Majaba, Flusser, PB-4, Vireo, Clymer, Cape Fairweather, YMS-48, and Skylark, plus the Shore station.

Source: USS Vestal War Diary, February 1943

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