Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Great eBooks of the Western World

Several years ago I was able to purchase an entire set of the Great Books of the Western World. This 65-volume compilation is one of the most acclaimed publishing feats of the 20th century. Mortimer Adler and his editorial staff gathered the essential core of the Western literary canon517 of the most significant achievements in literature, history, philosophy, and scienceinto one enormous set. I don't know anyone personally who has read everything in this series, but I know many of us who are trying!

Alas, a couple of years back, circumstances compelled me to sell my collection (at bargain basement prices). But now, thanks to the work of a kind soul, most of the 517 titles have been collected in free eBook format in a single location. True, most of these titles are available at several websites like Project Gutenberg, Internet Archiveebooks@adelaide, and Amazon's Kindle Store. But this site claims it provides the fullest free eBook list of Mortimer Adler’s Great Books on the web. It's worth a look:

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