Monday, September 30, 2013

September's routine repairs

In the month of September 1943, while stationed in Espirito Santo in the New Hebrides, in addition to extensive and/or emergency repairs to SS Matthew Lyon, SS W.S. RheemLST-354, LST-395, and the San Juan, Dad's ship, Vestal, tackled numerous routine repairs to various vessels of the fleet. In relative order of service and repair, these ships included: LST 448, TaganatCleveland, LST-446LST-447, MurzimLST-398, APC 28LST-399, Saratoga, Montpelier, Bright, in addition to other miscellaneous ship jobs and work at the shore facility.

At least 4 times this month the ship was ordered to general quarters, and at least once enemy planes were close enough to be spotted.

Source: USS Vestal War Diary, September 1943

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