Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Aftermath at Pearl

It was all over by 10:00 AM except for a few diehard Jap pilots with a few more bullets they had not used up… Everything else we saw was smoke, smoke, and more smoke from blazing ships. The Vestal was solidly grounded, but she was down aft and with a starboard list of eight degrees and stable in the mud.

All of my belongings were in a locker below the boiler deck. Everything was ruined by oil and water, except for my shoes and the clothes on my body. It was several days before I was issued extra clothing. The clothes I had on were a mess, but they were all I had. Oh, yes, I had to buy these newly-issued clothes. In fact, they took the cost of the clothes out of my pay. The Navy at that time gave you the first issue of clothing in boot camp. After that, we bought clothing as needed.

Frank L. Dolan, USS Vestal, from his account, Pearl Harbor: As I Remember

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