Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Temporary transfer to the Curtiss

Nearly a week after the attack at Pearl Harbor, the most urgent repairs had been made. On this date, my dad, Frank Dolan, was temporarily transferred to the USS Curtiss, a seaplane tender, to assist with the temporary repair work so the stricken ship could safely return to the states for permanent repairs. Less than a year in service, Curtiss had been hit by an enemy dive bomber, which crashed into one of her cranes and burned. A bomb from another plane hit near her damaged crane, exploding below decks, setting the hangar, main decks, and No. 4 handling room on fire. Dad will work on this ship until the 20th, then move on to other critical repairs.

USS Curtis on fire after being hit by Japanese dive bomber, December 7, 1941
Source: NavSource Online

Source: Frank L. Dolan's Service Records; USS Curtis Muster Roll, December 1941

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